Contributing Writer’s on EM Weekly

Thanks for your interest in writing for the EM Weekly Blog! We’re looking for fresh perspectives from the sharpest minds in Emergency Management to provide our audience with actionable, in-depth content that helps them better plan, organize, and promote their work to better those they serve.

If you think you’re up to the task, keep reading.

Read This First

We get a lot of requests. Here are some tips to improve your chances of being published on EM Weekly:

  • Read through this entire page before pitching. There’s nothing more troubling than getting a request that doesn’t follow our guidelines.
  • We only respond to articles we accept. If we like your idea, you’ll know in about a week. We’re a busy team and follow-up emails will be ignored.
  • Make sure we haven’t already covered your topic before. Research is key. We trust you can write an original post.
  • If your post was written and published before you pitched us, we may not publish it. We want new content for our audience. You can post elsewhere however if the content is dated chances are our audience has seen it.

Either way, we’ll touch on these things again later. Let’s move on.

Submission Requirements

We have some firm submission requirements that must be followed.

  • Your post must be comprehensive. Your post needs to cover its topic in full with no missing details.
  • Your post must be actionable. Telling people what to do isn’t enough. You need to show your reader how to get things done.
  • Your post must be at between 1,000 & 2,000 words. We think longer if you’re going to write an actionable and comprehensive post, it’s tough to write less than this many words.
  • When your post is published, we’ll ask that you respond to all comments for the first seven days after it’s posted.
  • Include Images. We need images with your submission. Please embed them in the document and attach them when you send us your article. You must have the rights to use the images embedded and submitted with your article.

Before you Submit an article

  • Create your Author Bio to send in with your first article.
  • Please set up a Gravatar account here (Your Image will be displayed with your work)
  • Email your submission (Article, images & Author Bio) to for consideration

Getting Published

If we decide to publish your submission, we will initiate your account creation on the site. You will receive an email, please log in and change your password and ensure your gravatar loads into your profile.

We use WordPress as our Blog Engine. It is easy to learn and you can find more information here

Contributors can add new posts and edit your own posts, but you cannot publish posts not even your own. When writing posts you cannot create new categories and will have to choose from existing categories. However, you can add tags to your posts.

You cannot upload files to include images. When your article is ready to be published, email with your images attached and let him know your article is ready. He will ensure it is categorized appropriately, tagged and review SEO settings. We will build graphics (Banners, etc.) and publish your work and social media promoting it.

You will receive an email the morning it is published containing graphics and the link to the post so you can promote your work across the social platforms and forums you use.

If you have any questions or run into any issues please feel free to email Brian and he will support you in your efforts.


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