EP 01 Introduction to Emergency Management Student (EM Student)

EP 01 Introduction to EM Student

EP 01 Introduction to Emergency Management Student (EM Student)

EP 01 Transcript

Welcome to EM Student, and this is your host, Todd Devoe, speaking. And yes, we are rolling out the new podcast, EM Student. And so, what are we about? Let me go back a little bit and talk about myself. So, if you didn’t know why we started EM Weekly, I started it because we wanted to bring guests from around the world of emergency management into my classroom, and so it expanded from there. And so, I wanted to roll back a little bit and do EM Student again to kind of bring back this whole concept of the student-centered learning and education of emergency management. And that’s what we’re really about here today.

So, some of the programs that we’re going to be offering are going to be the forums, we’re going to have “Ask the EM.” Hopefully, you guys can get in there and dive into the forums and start your own in the groups over there, ask questions amongst yourself. And of course, the blog and the guest bloggers that we’re going to be bringing on to the EM forums, or forums.emweekly.com. And yeah, so this is a really great way, us spreading ideas on a scholar level, and what we’re about here at EM Student.

So, why the Student EM program? I think I kind of answered it a little bit. But we created this community for EM students. And I really want you guys to think about this as a community, not just a place to go. With the explosion of social media over the last few years, you don’t need to be sitting next to each other in a classroom to learn from each other. We can use this forum aspect to really grow this community management community to where, if you’re in Maine, you can have a friend in Alaska, that maybe you haven’t met in person, but that you’ve communicated within the forums, and you guys have ideas that you can share regarding emergency management and best practices.

And that’s really what emergency management is all about, right? When it comes down to it, it’s about us sharing our best practices, what works for our city and for our population, and could you use that for your city or for your jurisdiction and population that you’re serving, whether it’d be public or private? Or if you are in government, or you know, as far as federal government, or state governments, or local governments, or tribal, or schools, whatever you’re doing. This is a place where we can come together as a community and talk about what we’re doing. Share these ideas, and answer these questions, or ask questions, for that matter.

So, that’s kind of some of the stuff that we want to do. And again, as far as the student side goes, it’s a place where you can get project ideas, or paper ideas, understanding where the research is, where the current trends are, areas of research that you might be interested in, and you can share this with your fellow students and really kind of see what the direction is going to be. So, what can we do here? What I really need you guys to do is come over here to the Student EM and create a login. Take a look, it’s forums.emweekly.com. Go in there, create a login. What I want you to do is go in and play around a little bit.

Look at the forums. Which ones are available right now? Which ones would you like to see? And email us or create one there, because you have the ability to do so. Create forums and see if this is the direction you want to go. We have our group section as well, very similar to what you see in Facebook groups. But you can create groups there as well, of like-minded interested topics. So say, for instance, if you’re interested in mitigation, you create a mitigation group, and go in there, and talk about the ideas and spread the information there as well.


Share this network, share EM Student with your network. And this is how we’re going to grow this community. It’s going to be you guys. And this is the one thing I really want you guys to understand, is that this is going to be driven by the student. This is a place for you, as the EM Student, to come in and create these groups, to create these forums, to have the conversations about things that have been going out there, compare conversations that you’re having with your college, with somebody from another college. Compare what your professor said in one class with what the professors are saying in the other class. Go out there and ask these questions and be excited about emergency management. Learn how to spread what emergency management really is about as far as– whatever industry that you’re looking to going into.

Some of the things, also, that we want to do here in EM Student is we want to really put a place where we can talk about different ways to get into internships, jobs, time management, class management, the areas of pitfalls that other students have had when they’re coming, say, to talk about recovery or doing the recovery plan. What areas to they have that pitfalls, or where you can avoid these pitfalls and learn from others’ mistakes?

And that’s really building this community is all about. I’m excited to bring EM Student to you guys, I really am. I know that Brian has been really working hard in the backend here, making it look really great. I’ve been working in the front end here, trying to put some quality content together for this, looking for people that are really interested in teaching others about emergency management, and this is what this really is about. This is why I’m excited about this. Because it’s about sharing my passion for emergency management, and how cool of an industry and job this really is. It’s more than a job, it’s more than just a career, it’s a lifestyle, it’s what you are.

If you’re interested in helping people, and this is why you’re here, EM Student is a place for you to share those ideas, share those passions with other students. We’re going to have a couple of professors in here, that are going to be able to answer some questions and stuff like this as well. And you know, have that conversation, candidly. If it won’t affect your grade, ask these questions that you’re afraid to ask in class. Or (inaudible) how to ask that question. And you can ask whichever one you want because we’re not grading this. Right? This is for you to get really good information about what’s happening in the world of emergency management.

One of the (inaudible) I love to do is have fun learning. Have fun learning. Learning should not be about stress, about grades, about this or that. It should be about really sharing information and learning new ideas and exploring those ideas in deeper levels. And I think we can do that here, right here, at EM Student, where you can really get into a topic and delve deep into it, and ask the questions, and explore those questions, cover different angles. You know, out the idea of you being graded, or you think that the professor is going to look poorly on you because you disagree with that professor, right?

It’s about really exploring niches in emergency management. What does it really mean to be in mitigation? What aspects of mitigation are you excited about? What does it mean to be in recovery? How is recovery important in such a way? What plans are people using in other areas? And really ask the questions and delve deep into what’s really happening with emergency management. That’s why I brought EM Student to the forum. I think it’s exciting. I’m excited if you can’t tell, about what this program can really mean to you.

So, I want to thank you guys so much for taking the time to listen to what we’re talking about today. You’ll find the topics that are out there, listen to them, share, become involved with the EM Student community, ask the questions here. And anyway, I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you, and I’ll see you guys on the next podcast.


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