EM Weekly

EM Weekly, Coming Soon!

EM Weekly is currently under construction and we want to offer the following updates;

01/25/16, EM Weekly Update

  1. EM Weekly Google + Account created and branded. This will be used for Video Webinars.
  2. EM Weekly YouTube Channel has been created and branded. This will host future videos and Webinars.
  3. Facebook Group created for Subscribers Only
  4. Facebook Page Created for All
  5. Email Newsletter Signup Form integrated with Facebook.

01/23/16, EM Weekly Update

  1. Podcast Cover Graphic built and ready for upload
  2. As of this Date, We have secured out First Advertiser!
  3. As of this Date we have our first 3 episodes recorded for the month of April and 1 episode for May, 2017

12/21/16, EM Weekly Update

  • Site Built and Tested


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