EM-Weekly-EP41 Pete Turner Lessons from A Spy

EP 41 Communicating to the Masses Lessons From a Spy

December 28, 2017 Todd De Voe

I one time flew a C-5 out of Travis’ Airforce Base. You know, I got long hair, you know, good shape, running around. They’re like: are you with this cargo? And they point, and it’s a bunch of zodiacs, like six of them. And I look, and I go: no. No one believes me, you know? […]

EP 40 a Year in Review, EM Weekly

EP 40 EM Weekly Year in Review, 2017

December 21, 2017 Todd De Voe

Those of us that are emergency managers, during the fires that are happening, specifically in Southern California, Ventura County, those that happened in Los Angeles County as well, those that are still going on in Santa Barbara and that area, I’m understanding what the loss is right now during this holiday season. […]

ep 38 BaseCamp Connect EM Weekly

EP 38 Radio Interoperability Solutions Made Easy

December 7, 2017 Todd De Voe

Base Camp is kind of a magic box, in the sense that it’s a roller case that we deploy, basically, anywhere. And that rapid deploy kit interconnects agencies together using their own radios, and also, it provides telephone and internet service in five-minute flights, without any training […]