Erik Franco on the Paradigm Shift of Active Shooter Response from HSTM

EP 35 The Paradigm Shift of Active Shooter Response

November 16, 2017 Todd De Voe

But 28 people died, and could we have saved their lives? And the resounding answer is yes. We could have saved their lives, which is not a problem at all. If we had a tourniquet, chest seal, and trauma dressing as our option to go ahead and help save their lives. […]


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EM Weekly Episode 32 The Great Shakeout with Mark Benthien

EP 32 The Great ShakeOut with Mark Benthien

October 26, 2017 Todd De Voe

You wanna drop, cover, and hold on. And if you know you’re in a particularly vulnerable building, and that’s something you can figure out in advance; and if you have any sign of cracks on the walls, or anything visible, or certainly, of course, that’s just in any situation […]