The Direction of FEMA with Brock Long

EP 44 The Direction of FEMA with Brock Long

January 18, 2018 Todd De Voe

obviously, with IPAWS, that is definitely on the radar screen of those inside FEMA that are administrating the IPAWS program. It is a true program that we face, and a dynamic one; it’s going to continue to change, as technology goes forward. And so, some of the discussions inside FEMA now are, for example […]


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Titan HST, the Future of Safety

EP 43 Veterans Issues and Resources

January 11, 2018 Todd De Voe

This week is a unique episode, we’re actually doing three separate interviews, and it’s around the theme of veteran services. And why is that an emergency management issue? It’s debatable, right? So, you have the increase in homeless veteran population around the country, you have the 22 every day, where veterans are killing themselves. […]

EM-Weekly-EP41 Pete Turner Lessons from A Spy

EP 41 Communicating to the Masses Lessons From a Spy

December 28, 2017 Todd De Voe

I one time flew a C-5 out of Travis’ Airforce Base. You know, I got long hair, you know, good shape, running around. They’re like: are you with this cargo? And they point, and it’s a bunch of zodiacs, like six of them. And I look, and I go: no. No one believes me, you know? […]