Oroville Dam Failure

Oroville Dam: Independent Forensic Team Report of the Spillway Incident

January 17, 2018 Brian

Today the panel released nearly 600-page report, and the verdict is nothing short of withering. According to the audit, decades of oversights, overconfidence, and even laziness resulting from a systemic and all-encompassing culture of error in state water resource management and regulation made the Oroville incident essentially inevitable sooner or later. […]


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Applying Project Management to Emergency Management

Applying Project Management to Emergency Management

January 15, 2018 Brian

At the end of the year, you will “close” the year, and it’s important to not skip this step, as you might get excited about planning the next year. To close the year, determine if you met all your objectives and all tasks got completed to the measure of success, and for those that weren’t met, make a determination to end that effort or continue in the next year. […]

Jordan Villwock takes helm of county emergency management organization (Photo by Mindy Schauer, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Jordan Villwock takes helm of county emergency management organization

January 11, 2018 Brian

In his Laguna Beach emergency role, Villwock, 33, has experience keeping the city’s departments informed. He describes himself as “the glue that keeps everything together,” making sure department heads — including the city manager, police chief and fire chief — have the necessary information to protect the community. […]

EM Weekly Podcast Episode 42, Thinking, Acting, Communicating Starting With Why, with Peter Docker and Your Host Todd DeVoe

EP 42 Thinking, Acting, Communicating Starting with Why

January 4, 2018 Brian

Leadership is about creating that context, and context is about creating simplicity. And simplicity starts with Why. What’s our higher purpose? How does what we’re doing fit in to delivering on that higher purpose? And that’s when you can unlock potential, when you can unlock huge energy within your team, even in very, very desperate, demanding times. […]