EP 53 Fundamentals of Weather and Emergency Management

March 22, 2018 Todd De Voe

What I throw out when I pose that question is, weather affects your day-to-day operations whether you realize it or not. Because even something as benign as a passing rain shower, or a thunder storm, any one of these events that you seemingly kind (inaudible) into a sense of, “Oh, we got this, we’ve seen this before, we’ve dealt with it before,” […]

EM Weekly Episode 51 Michael Mabee Civil Defense

EP 51 How to Make Civil Defense Work Again Challenge

March 8, 2018 Todd De Voe

Well actually Brock Long last week, said, “CERT on steroids.” You know, on how can we get a civil defense system back like we had in the 50’s, and get people involved, and get citizens trained in the skills they would need. This is exactly what you would be doing in setting up a town-level civil defense organization as a non-profit. […]