The Blue Cell Todd Manns

EP 45 Training and Exercises With The Blue Cell

January 25, 2018 Todd De Voe

In exercise, there has to be some level of discovery. And discovery is one of those nice words that gets away from chastising, gets us away from chastising folks, and probably lightens that anxiety a little bit. Because who doesn’t want to discover something about themselves? […]

The Direction of FEMA with Brock Long

EP 44 The Direction of FEMA with Brock Long

January 18, 2018 Todd De Voe

obviously, with IPAWS, that is definitely on the radar screen of those inside FEMA that are administrating the IPAWS program. It is a true program that we face, and a dynamic one; it’s going to continue to change, as technology goes forward. And so, some of the discussions inside FEMA now are, for example […]

Oroville Dam Failure

Oroville Dam: Independent Forensic Team Report of the Spillway Incident

January 17, 2018 Brian

Today the panel released nearly 600-page report, and the verdict is nothing short of withering. According to the audit, decades of oversights, overconfidence, and even laziness resulting from a systemic and all-encompassing culture of error in state water resource management and regulation made the Oroville incident essentially inevitable sooner or later. […]

Applying Project Management to Emergency Management

Applying Project Management to Emergency Management

January 15, 2018 Darin Letzring

At the end of the year, you will “close” the year, and it’s important to not skip this step, as you might get excited about planning the next year. To close the year, determine if you met all your objectives and all tasks got completed to the measure of success, and for those that weren’t met, make a determination to end that effort or continue in the next year. […]