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Opportunities With Team Rubicon Global

EP 56 Opportunities With Team Rubicon Global

April 12, 2018

I would say that Team Rubicon is a very great organization to– not just being biased, but it’s a great organization to join because it’s not always just disasters that we do, because disasters don’t happen every day, right? […]


EP 54 Behind the Scenes of the JTF Civil Support

March 29, 2018

There’s a lot of capability across our officer core. We have some officers who have a lot of science background in the pure sciences, such as Chemistry, Biology. Most have a minimum of a master’s degree, and we do have some doctorate level officers in those hard sciences fields. So, we start talking, you know, like you mentioned, a dirty bomb, and getting down to the science, to the chemistry and the biology of it. Folks that can kind of immediately talk that language and understand the effects. […]


EP 53 Fundamentals of Weather and Emergency Management

March 22, 2018

What I throw out when I pose that question is, weather affects your day-to-day operations whether you realize it or not. Because even something as benign as a passing rain shower, or a thunder storm, any one of these events that you seemingly kind (inaudible) into a sense of, “Oh, we got this, we’ve seen this before, we’ve dealt with it before,” […]

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EP 05 Todd Talks to UAlbany Responding to an Active Shooter
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